Our team has been playing Diablo III together for over a year now and we enjoy the game every second. After the Patch with the Paragon Levels hit the Live servers, we said that it would just not be worth to grind Paragon Levels. Our opinions changed very fast and in late 2012 we decided to rush to Paragon 100 with our Main Characters. This Quest got pretty frustrating, not knowing where to farm, how to farm efficient and when we would level up. We just had Para 100 as the Target.

So we decided to split our Quests into smaller Milestones, we made different runs to see what our average XP was for different runs so we could choose the best runs. At the start we put everything on paper, but then our Lead Programmer created a Spreadsheet and shared it with the rest of the Team. This was our very first calculator.
If we knew where we were, how much XP we would make, how much we would play per day and where we wanted to get we just could use this calculator. Having now this Tool and with small milestones we enjoyed the game once again.
We knew that when we started until we finished we would get from level 61 to 64 just an example, with level 70 as a target until the end of the week. First to reach Para100 with the first Character was Jay, on the 14th April 2013. He calculated at around level 20 that he would reach Para100 on the 17th April with his game style, this calculator helped him to get faster where he wanted.
In February 2013 we switched from the Spreadsheet to a free hosted website and decided to share it with more of our friends. The link was shared so many times that it had gotten even on Reddit. Only after a day of having the service up and running with a basic interface and no artwork, the host for the website crashed in the first place, and then we reached the bandwidth limit of the free host. We did not expect such a success with the website.
We got together and decided that it would be better just to buy a domain name and a Host for our website.
But the question was who would pay for the service and thus would be the owner of the website? Alex, Lead Programmer, took this as his responsibility, having the funds for the start at that moment of time and also the experience of hosting websites and maintaining them. And thus was created in March 2013, completely free of charge for the Diablo players. Later the same year we have put donations on our website to everybody who wants to support us and the website.


Our team is made of 3 People, each of us has a different role. We are made by a Lead Developer, Web Designer and a Project Manager.
Alex, 26, is our Lead Developer and programmer from Romania. He has scripted our tools and keeps them up to date. All of our new ideas, he is the first one to script the new tools and make the first tests. He is also the owner of the website who started the project.
Jay, 28, is our Web Designer and Artist also from Romania. He is responsible for the website layout and the looks. He joined later our team, his first assignment was to revamp our website.
Andreas, 23, is our Project Manager for Germany. He comes with the ideas for new tools, new concepts and basically how we should expand our website. He is also responsible for website advertisement and website statistics.


we thought initially in the beginning that we would maintain the website a few months until the website would grow and donations would start to come and pay for itself. But this never happened. Since we have donations on the website, up to this point [April 2014] we never received one donation. This was very confusing because we saw the stats and we had hundreds of visitors and users every day on the website, but nobody would donate. So we decided to continue paying for the Host until the domain name would expire, March 2014.

But in the meantime Reaper of Souls was announced. And even before scripting something we created a survey for the visitors to complete, to see if they would still use our tools for RoS and if it would be worth investing the time and money in it. Ours of almost 600 submissions the feedback was very positive. Once the Reaper of Souls Friends and Family came out, we started adapting our calculator to the new Paragon 2.0 system with a maximum limit of Paragon 2000.
That's when we also created our Paragon Converter Tool, the most used Tool before Patch 2.0 came out. Thousands of people wanted to know every day what level they would be after the patch hits. Due to constant changes from Blizzard in that period, we needed to update also our calculator, which we mostly managed to do within 24 hours of the patch.
Around 2 weeks before our Domain Name would expire, with no intent to prolong it for another year, we announced that if we would get no donations the website would shut down. Officially the website was shut down on the 6th March 2014 due to no incoming donations from the community.
Our Team decided not to activate the domain name and prolong the host. The project was over for us. By the next morning, our Lead Programmer said that he would pay the service for another year out of his own pocket. He could just not part of the website after investing so much time and effort into it.

We have already planned for the next upcoming year. We have new ideas for new Tools and how to expand our website by collaborating with other websites, and maybe also with streamers.

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