Weapon DPS Calculator

Lets assume this is the weapon you want to enchant,
and raise the weapon DPS.
Enter the Damage Range of the Weapon.
Enter the Increased Damage Range from the Primary Stats,
Add +% Damage from Primary stats (if not enter Zero)
Hit Calculate and get the BASIC DAMAGE RANGE of the weapon you want to enchant.
ENCHANT your weapon
If the numbers are not a clear down- or upgrade, use the tool to calculate the new Weapon DPS.

We will do this with
the 3rd option
Enter the NEW Damage Roll,
Add +% Damage from Primary stats (if not enter Zero)
Enter the Basic Attacks per Second of that specific Weapon type !
Enter also the Increased Attack Speed from the Primary Options
(if not enter zero)
If your weapon has Increased Attack Speed, do not enter displayed number, enter the Basic attacks per second of the weapon type,
take a look below
Hit calculate in the bottom part to get the final result.