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We have started streaming on

Since all of our team plays the game almost every day, one of our teammembers has decided to stream his gameplay.
Go and check out his Stream by clicking on the image below. Stop by and say hello to our team.

New tool now available - Weapon DPS Calculator

We created a tool that allows you to calculate the Weapon DPS befor or while enchanting it. See which stat is worth keeping and which one you should re-roll.
This is a 2-step calculation in which you need first to find out the basic weapon damage and then use it for the other part of the calculator. You can change the Damage Range, +% Damage and also the Attack Speed of the weapon to maximize your DPS.
Note that this is the first version of the calculator, but we will update it to ensure a more accurate result.

You can find our new Tool here, but befor that take a tour and demo to see how it works:

Weapon DPS Calculator - DEMO

We have made changes to the website to be more dynamic and organised. We will continue to improve the website and our tools for the players.
In the past year, since the website started, we came a long way and this thanks to all the players who also use our tools.
Thanks to you we constantly improved our tools and even created new ones such as the paragon converter for the upcoming expansion pack, Reaper of Souls.
Of course we will not stop here, we already have ideas for new tools to develop.

The feedback from the community was very helpfull in the past few months.

Due to the close of the Beta and soon the official Patch 2.0 implementation, we have retired our old Paragon Calculator and put the new one in his place.

We also retired the converter Tool cause there is no more need for it.

We hope you all enjoyed the jurney to ROS as much as we did to maximize our levels and get a headstart for the launch of Reaper of Souls on March 25, 2014.

Our legacy tools are still available here.